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Statement of Professional Concerns/Aspirations if Elected: As the Information Literacy Coordinator at my institution, my job is to create and maintain the conditions within which my librarian colleagues who teach can succeed at developing students’ information literacy abilities in. A constellation is not just the stars that serve as points in the overall picture, but also the spaces between the points that give them context and meaning. This blog is an experiement in enacting this idea using the informational points in my life as signposts that, when considered together, depict an.

Donna Witek academic librarian wife mother teacher professor researcher Orthodox Christian View my complete profile. Editor's note: As Information Literacy Coordinator, facilitating our library research prize program is one of my main projects that operates out of our Information Literacy Program. It is judging season now, and this year our judges are reviewing a record number of submissions for this competition. Witek, Donna, and Rebecca Spirito Dalgin. “Collaborative Information Literacy Practices to Connect Theory to Practice in Rehabilitation Counseling Students.” Collaborative Librarianship. Accepted [peer-reviewed article] 2018 Witek, Donna. “Introd ucing the Framework for Information Literacy.”. Christ is Born! Glorify Him! Wishing anyone who reads my little blog a happy and safe holiday. With love, from the Witek's. Donna Witek. Associate Professor Information Literacy Coordinator WML 201 570-941-7801 donna.witek@. Donna Witek is Associate Professor and Information Literacy Coordinator in The University of Scranton's Weinberg Memorial Library.

is a place to share and follow research. Information Constellation. Donna Witek blogs about libraries, teaching, technology, academia, home life, working motherhood, gentle parenting, school, and how all these things relate to one another. Direct Link. Resource Type. Information Constellation An experiment in making the professional personal. Teresa, and I chose to present our study findings related to the effects of social media on students’ information seeking attitudes and behaviors through the lens of the metaliteracy framework. Donna Witek at 7:48 PM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter.

I am delighted to present this guest post that describes a creative way of dealing with burnout. Donna Witek is an Associate Professor and academic instruction librarian in Northeast Pennsylvania. She blogs at Information Constellation and tweets about libraries, parenting, and technology as @donnarosemary. If you’re looking for her, she’s.

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