Sidhil Bradshaw Bariatric Low Grab Handle Glebe Healthcare

The Eland Bradshaw Bariatric Grab Handle has been specifically designed to attach to the framework of a Bradshaw Bariatric bed. This unique grab handle can be fitted when the wooden side rails have been removed. It will assist in the elevation of a user to a seated position and will also aid the transfer of a. Drive DeVilbiss Sidhil - designing and manufacturing quality products for the healthcare market. About News. Bradshaw Bariatric Grab Handle 1215/GRAB. ENQUIRE / QUOTE. An aid for daily living,. Bradshaw Bariatric Nursing Care Bed. View product. Related products. Bradshaw.

Bariatric beds like the Bradshaw Low are specially engineered to cater safely for patients weighing up to 318kg 50st. A complete re-design of the structure has enabled Drive DeVilbiss Sidhil to introduce additional high-performance features, which make the bed particularly suitable for this critical area. The UK's Premier retailer of healthcare & well-being products. Reliable, modern mobility scooters, riser recliner furniture, walking aids, care home equipment, healthcare supplies and more delivered to your door. Engineer delivery, service and repair services available. 30-Day returns. Free delivery over £40. Drive DeVilbiss Sidhil - designing and manufacturing quality products for the healthcare market. About News. Elland Bradshaw Grab Handle. 1214/GRAB. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Ltd. Heathfield Lane, Birkenshaw, West. Electrically operated fully profiling nursing care bed developed specifically to meet the needs of community and nursing home applications. Strong and durable, using special lightweight construction materials and techniques to create a four section bed which is. Sidhil Elland Bradshaw Bed Grab Handle. Many patients with restricted mobility may find it difficult to transfer themselves in and out of bed without assistance,.

Bradshaw Low Bed 1275/LOW/LOAKS. Sidhil have also further enhanced the presentation of the beds by incorporating a choice of different wood colours to harmonise with existing furniture and finishes. Elland Bradshaw Grab Handle. View product. Bradshaw Spare Side Rails Pair View product. Sidhil Elland Bradshaw Bariatric Bed Grab Handle. Some patients struggle with transferring themselves in and out of a bed, and to solve this problem, an aid can be used to help steady them as they move – assisting with balance and support.

Drive DeVilbiss Sidhil Ltd is one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of hospital and home health care furniture and accessories, serving as a principal supplier of an extensive product range to both the private and public healthcare markets in the UK as well as into an increasing number of international markets. Sidhil Elland Standard Grab Handle. For some patients with reduced mobility, getting in and out of bed unassisted can be a challenge. The Sidhil Elland Standard Grab Handle allows patients to get in and out of bed with little to no assistance, greatly increasing their independence while freeing up carer time.

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